Scrapbooking With Photility

Here are a few articles and tools from Photility that can help you on your scrapbooking project...

Scrapbooking with Cropper and PhotoSheet

Here are some ideas on using these two tools to give you more flexibility with your scrapbook page design.

Creative Page Layouts with PhotoSheet

PhotoSheet includes over 40 custom page layouts and improved composition abilities within any layout.

Customizing Layouts with PhotoSheet

If you have picture frames and photo albums with oddly sized pages and you've been burning through your 4x6 photo paper trying to get it right, PhotoSheet supports custom layouts!

Embellishing PhotoSheet

PhotoSheet can help you unleash your creativity. Use PhotoSheet to create the perfect layout for your scrapbook or photo frame, then make it better using your favorite image editing software.

Use a Medley for your Book Cover

A Picture Medley makes your scrapbook look great on the fireplace mantel!

Add a portrait sketch

Add an original drawing as an accent to your page!

Create a Composite with PhotoSheet

Great for wallet prints, scrapbook materials or collage photo frames.

Match a Composition

Transfer your plan or easily duplicate a composition idea from your idea book!

Make the Page Pop With a DoublePhoto

Use a DoublePhoto on your scrapbook page

Make a MiniAlbum

Here is a low cost way to create a small bound photo book to give as a gift or tuck into a pocket on your scrapbook page.

Tag, Trim, Recompose your Photos

Cropper can help you organize photos, crop out unwanted areas, and get everying to the same shape.